Banana Hammock - Hefeweizen

A German Style Hefeweizen brewed with 50% wheat malt and 50% barley malt. Fermented warmer than other ales to produce banana aroma and flavor. Light and refreshing.

5.3% ABV, 12 IBU, Hops: Tettnanger


Par 3 Porter- Robust Porter

This traditional robust porter is brewed to be a year round favorite. Notes of chocolate and coffee in the nose with dark roasted coffee flavors and a medium body. Definitely an easy drinking beer.

5% ABV, 40 IBU, Hops: Columbus, Northern Brewer

The Lawless- Seltzer

This Naturally Gluten Free Option. Our DWB Craft Seltzer is made by fermenting Dextrose and water with a specially designed yeast that produces a clean, clear, crisp and refreshing beverage with multiple flavor options of your choice!

6.0 % ABV


Red Tail - Irish Ale

Medium caramel malt sweetness and a toasted malt character are the focus of this Irish style red ale.  Light bodied and easy to quaff with light, floral and citrus hop notes.

5 % ABV, 28 IBU, Hops: Northern Brewer, Sterling


Iron Ass- American Amber

This is an American style amber brewed with copious amounts of Crystal and Munich malts for big, malty flavor and aroma. Notes of toffee, biscuit and nuts.

6.5 ABV, 30 IBU, Hops: Crystal, Columbus Sterling

Time Warp-Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

This is a Pre-prohibition American Pilsner style Lager. Light golden in color. Notes of corn and Sulphur in the nose but not lasting through the first sip. It is crisp and clean with noticeable pilsner malt character. 5.9% ABV 31 IBU. 


The Joker - IPA

The Joker is a West coast style IPA brewed with a

portion of caramel malt for a more balanced profile.

Big on citrus with notes of mango and tropical fruits.

Hops: CTZ, Centennial, Ekuanot ABV 6.4%

Ol' #12- Oatmeal Stout

An oatmeal stout brewed with 20% oats, giving this beer a creamy mouth feel and medium body. Slightly sweet with hints of chocolate and a light roasted coffee flavor.

5.2% ABV, 36 IBU, Hops: Northern Brewer

Blood Orange- India Pale Ale

A Classic American style pale ale with the added kick of blood oranges! Light bodied and loaded with Mosaic hops with the right balance of malt. Did we mention Blood Orange?

6% ABV, 56 IBU,Hops: Apollo, Mosaic

Smith Farms Angry Pumpkin- Pumpkin Spice Brown

An American Brown made with Northern Brewer and Sterling 

 and almost 30# of pumpkin pie mix. 

5.2% ABV and 20 IBU’s

Knuckle Dragger,
2019 Gold medal,
Scotch Ale category

Saison w/ Lemongrass & Grains oF Paradise

Lemony with a hint of white pepper

ABV- 5.1%
IBU- 15

5.1%ABV, 15 IBU

Pure Morning- Citra Pale Ale

Light body, 100% Citra Hopped  American Pale Ale. Lightly hopped, easy drinking summer beer with crisp light citrus notes.

5%ABV 35 IBU Hops: Citra

Knuckle Dragger - Scotch Ale

A traditional Scotch Ale. Light brown in color with a medium body and dominated by dark caramel flavors and mild roasted malt notes. Dark Cherry and caramel aromas.

7% ABV, 30 IBU, Hops: Northern Brewer

Nanner- Amber Wheat

An amber wheat beer brewed with nutmeg and ginger and fermented warm with a German wheat yeast for some lovely banana flavor and aroma. 

Hops: Northern Brewer, Tettnang 5% ABv,15 IBU

One Eyed Jack- East Coast IPA

This is an East coast inspired IPA. Brewed with wheat malt and a healthy dose of hops that produce a beer that is hazy and hoppy with citrus notes with enough 

malt to balance it out.
Hops: Azaca, Cashmere, Mosaic ABV 7.2% 

13 Souls

 Kviek Hazy IPA made with 52# of Trident and Triple Pearl hops added in 13# increments in honor of the 13 Souls lost in Afghanistan this past summer. 9.3% ABV and 80 IBU’s. 

*All profits going to Angels of Americans Fallen.





Darn Good Root Beer

Just what it says, This crisp, delicous soda is made in house using dark brown sugar, vanilla and wintergreen for a unique flavor and aroma. For the kid in all of us.







Smooth malty sweetness, with a light hop bitterness.
.B.V. 5% / I.B.U. 20


Complex pine and citrus hop notes, with a smooth, malty finish.
A.B.V. 7% / I.B.U. 55


Locations & Hours

Monday – Closed to make Damn Good Beer

Tuesday-Wednesday 3pm-8pm

Thursday- 3:00pm-9:00pm

Friday- 12pm-10pm


Sunday: 11:00am–6:00pm

Monday– Closed to make Damn Good Beer

Tuesday & Wednesday: 3:00pm-8:00pm

Thursday- 3:00pm-9:00pm

Friday & Saturday- 12:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday: 11:00am – 6:00pm


Dueces Wild Brewery (DWB) is a veteran owned and operated craft brewery. We are strong supporters of our military, and first responder community and to say thanks we offer them a 10% discount on all pints for them. Our ambition is to brew high quality beer, support the local economy, and present a clean and friendly social environment for family and friends. We strive to make a well balanced selection of beers that everyone would enjoy. One taste of our beer and you’ll understand why Dueces Wild has quickly become one of Colorado Springs favorite breweries.

Although we are new to the craft beer community and only recently opened our doors in February of 2018, the team at DWB brings over 20 years of brewing experience to over 20 different and unique recipes for your drinking pleasure. Dueces operates on a state of the art 10 barrel Alpha brewing system which helps ensure the quality of beer is always consistent.